Features of WordPress that help with SEO ranking

Search engines continue to be one of the most effective sources of web traffic. A high-ranking page may drive thousands of visits to any website. As a result, almost every site owner is concerned with SEO. Experts may have told you that WordPress SEO services are Search engine friendly. That’s why many people pick WordPress to build a website or blog.

However, simply utilizing WordPress puts you ahead in the SEO business. Indeed, some would claim that WordPress is the finest CMS for SEO, and this viewpoint has value. Therefore, this article will look into what makes WordPress SEO service the greatest for SEO.

WordPress Features That Help with SEO Ranking

SEO may get technical, yet it doesn’t have to. Simply mastering a few simple SEO methods to enhance your site can considerably increase internet traffic.

You don’t need to be a computer expert in using the strategies listed below. You’re already halfway there if you’re currently using WordPress SEO services!

Let’s begin improving your website.

1. Out of the Box SEO-Friendly

Using WordPress is critical as it provides you with various benefits in the SEO game. The software allows you to take care of many key areas, especially when it comes to on-page SEO.

  • Proper HTML markup:

Despite being mainly built in PHP, WordPress generates HTML pages that search engines can readily interpret. The most recent generation of themes has even begun to take benefit of HTML5 & the benefits it delivers.

  • Title tag & headings:

One of the most significant aspects of on-page SEO is the title of a site (which would be generally wrapped in h1 tags). It notifies Google about the content in your text & gives it structure, together with the other heading tags. WordPress enables you to do all of this without manually writing the appropriate HTML elements.

  • Search engine-friendly permalinks:

WordPress includes the option to utilize what is known as “beautiful permalinks.” This implies that links to articles & pages can include keywords to help search engines & visitors realize what they’re all about. Of course, you may modify the link’s content, which is now a common setting in WordPress.

  • Optimized images:

The WordPress editor allows you to optimize the pictures with ALT tags, captions, & other features.

  • Simple content creation:

Before opting for a WordPress SEO agency, you must understand the importance of strategic content.Moreover, content has evolved into a strategy for distinguishing oneself in search engines. WordPress enables generating high-quality material as simple as using a word document. In addition, multimedia content such as films and photographs are also acceptable.

2. SEO-friendly Themes for Any Application

WordPress has many supplementary components that boost your site’s search engine optimization. Themes are one of them.

With the help of WordPress SEO Company, you can use WordPress to develop almost any website, thanks to them. So whatever your aim is, whether it is a:

  • Company website
  • Portfolio website
  • Online store

There is almost always a theme for your specific goal, industry, or purpose.

Themes may benefit in a variety of ways. For one thing, a high-quality theme will ensure that your site generates the necessary HTML markup. In addition, they address your technical SEO necessities.

On the other hand, good themes make your site appear professional & inviting. This determines whether or not visitors will stay on your website (or hit the back button) & how long they will stay. Both are indicators of quality for Google, & they will affect your search ranks. So, it’s not just about appearances.

3. A plethora of SEO Plugins

Aside from themes & core WordPress functions, you can use many WordPress plugins. They help enhance the platform’s SEO potential. All-in-one SEO Pack & Yoast SEO are two plugins that people frequently discuss, but many more.

Before looking for a WordPress SEO consultant, make sure you research SEO plugins and types.These plugins enhance specific pieces of the WordPress SEO jigsaw, making the platform much more successful. For instance, Yoast SEO gives a full description of optimising on-page SEO for each & every piece of content. It also provides SEO copywriting recommendations. Aside from that, it might manage your XML sitemaps, robots.txt, & much more.

Other SEO plugins optimise your images and connect your website with external technologies. Such technologies include options like Google Search Console & Google Analytics & much more.

4. Capability to Create Fast-Loading Websites

It is common knowledge that Google is concerned about its time for web pages to load. The time it takes for a site to display on the screen is an essential quality measure, particularly for mobile sites.

Anyone who has installed a WordPress site with WordPress SEO service will tell you that they load fairly rapidly. Of course, this is applicable in their default setup. But, at the very same time, it is true that if WordPress sites are used poorly, they may become extremely sluggish.

However, if you choose a high-quality theme, utilize good hosting, & adhere to best practices for WordPress speed, this should not be an issue. If you are currently experiencing a slow site, a WordPress SEO consultant can assist you in resolving the issue.


When you leverage all of WordPress’s incredible SEO capabilities, you’re one step nearer the top of Google’s SERPs. We hope this post has helped you understand how WordPress features may assist you with SEO. Use WordPress for SEO, and you should notice an increase in traffic in a few months as the SEOs digest your adjustments.

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We do a discovery and consulting meting 


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