What SEO Trends in 2020 Will Look Like

SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is still a huge part of the digital marketing and online marketing strategy. Now that 2020 is here, its time to look at some of the trends that will help SEO professionals and businesses get the ranking they want on Google SERPs. If you are a business and looking for a SEO services in Florida, make sure they have an updated strategy for the new year.

SEO trends are always changing and so is the Google Algorithm. Some trends from the previous year will still work, while others will be dropped and newer trends will be embraced. It can be frustrating sometimes, to keep up with Google updates and still come up with nothing. The only thing you can do is follow the latest trends and use the latest tools and techniques. Finding the latest Google search trends is easy, implementation is the hardest part. With expert SEO services in Florida, you can ensure your website is ready to face the challenge in 2020.

Here are some of the 2020 SEO trends you must know for designing your new year digital marketing strategy:

  1. Best Content Forward

If there is one thing that will never change in SEO trends is the Content. Content is the reasons why the internet, SEO and the whole digital marketing exists. Content is the reason why Google search engine exists. People look for content based on their needs and your job is to provide high-quality, engaging and relevant content. Now the content can be anything – text, images, video, audio, drawings, podcast, technology or any other thing. What SEOs have to do is provide high-quality content that people will like. But, more than that, you will have to create content that is futuristic. Something that will be a trend setter.

Content affects everything when it comes to SEO. From the designs of your website to internal link building to domain authority. SEO helps you market your content and for that you need to build content for the target audiences. In 2020, you need to create content that is valuable and relevant. No matter what industry your business belongs to, you have a niche audience looking for quality content that matches their requirements. This means you need to write great content or hire Florida SEO company to help you build quality content.

Content creation focus should be on:

  • What the users are asking?
  • Understanding the target audiences and how they search
  • Answer their question in a systematic way with on-point and quality content.
  • Create solution or answer question that offers topical satisfaction and helps them grow their knowledge
  • Repeat quality and performance to stay in the mind of the users as there are others competitors they can switch to.

In 2020, focus more on content optimization for the users rather than for the search engines. Brand loyalty can only be created with quality and relevant content. Look for SEO services in Florida who can help you build a brand with quality content.

  1. Take Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness Seriously

In 2020, creating relevant content will not be enough to rank well in the SERPs. Anyone can create content, but quality content creation needs expertise and Google will need the proof. For example, medical content can be written by anyone, but to verify its relevance, authority and trustworthiness, the writer or the creators must be a qualified medical expert.

In the new year, Google will serious consider things like overall reputation and E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) of the website. Companies with issues like customer services and security issues will have hard time competing for the best rank on the SERPs. If you want to build a reputation, Florida SEO services can help you with it.

The reason behind this step is to fight the fake news culture that has emerged as the biggest challenge in providing quality content search results. If companies want to rank well, they will have to have the expertise and credentials to write content on those topics. Either you have to write quality contents with write credentials, or find qualified people to write for you. SEO agency in Florida may have expert writers on your domain to help meet quality and authenticity requirements.

Here are some ways to prove your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness:

  • Match content with the credentials of the author with the help of structured data markup.
  • Bringing offline events online like the conferences, awards, partnerships, and other activities. Making these backstage contents available online will help Good establish your authenticity.
  • Proof of excellent service with status updates and customer reviews
  • Answer user questions clearly and precisely
  • Verifiable user reviews and feedbacks
  • Niche products and services

In 2020, companies will have to bring their offline activities online, which are hidden from the sight of Google. Anything that helps establish the authority and trustworthiness should be on your website.

  1. Mobile SEO is going to Be Huge

Are you still considering building mobile friendly-website? You are far more behind than you thought. Speed-up and make your website optimized for mobile in every sense of the word. From its user interface to SEO, you need to optimize your website or mobile first and then desktop. Everyone has a smartphone today and most of the people love browsing online. Even serious gamers love playing on mobile. Mobile SEO is going to be huge in 2020 and you have to have a mobile-friendly website ready just now.

Your mobile SEO too needs a spruce-up. Mobile and desktop websites are different and so are the SEO needs. Google will consider your mobile-friendly website when it ranks websites. Don’t miss out just because you don’t have the relevant data. Look for Florida SEO company that can help you optimize your website for mobile.

The first thing that SEOs will need to do is to look for real mobile search results to determine what they are up against. They will need to find out what kind of traffic they can expect and what strategy needs to be applied. In 2020, you have to think mobile when you create a SEO strategy, because it is going to bigger than last years or previous years.

  1. Visual Search

While visual search is not huge yet, it can become a huge trend later in 2020 and in the future too. Think of Google Lens. It has been used one billion times already for search purposes. Pinterest gets a huge number of visual searches every month – it gets more than 600 million visual search in a month. Millions of people are using visual search on wide range of apps to find relevant images or information.

Visual search is highly relevant for various things like shopping, translation, recipes, nutrition values, directions, landmarks, local business reviews and much more. Consumers are increasingly using visual search methods for finding relevant results. In the near future, it is going to be a huge trend and if you want to stay on top of the competition, you might as well start optimizing for visual search.

In order to optimize your content for the visual search results, you will need to pay special attention to image SEO. Putting up an image is not enough, you need to use descriptive file names to make it easily searchable.

Google has made a few suggestions on ranking content and images:

  • Domain authority is very important for SERPs ranking so, you need to have website with greater DA.
  • The website must have fresh content. Google has made it clear that they are going to give more power to the new and freshly updated content.
  • Lastly, Google has also mentioned that they are going to rank websites with images as an important part of its content. Images that are featured higher up the page will also be given the preference.

If you an ecommerce or home business with products to sell, better optimize your website for high-quality and descriptive image. If you need professional help, look for SEO services in Florida for better and faster results.

  1. Featured Snippets Will Dominate

Features snippets became an important part o

f the search engine pages in 2019 and it will only grow in importance in 2020. The Google SERPs has changed over the years and features snippets were its latest offerings. It is designed to provide better search experience to the users.

Features snippets are even better and more relevant than the number one ranking on the SERPs. They feature above the number #1 organic results and are known as position 0. Now users will see the features snippet and will click on it rather than on the number #1 result. This is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. The one thing that you can do to get featured snippet of your website is to answer commonly asked questions on your website. People are always looking for information by asking questions. By answering questions to the most commonly asked questions, you get features on the SERPs and this will help increase the traffic on your website.

Featured snippets offers a great opportunity for website that don’t get number #1 ranking. This feature proved one thing that you don’t always need to be in Number #1 position to get the clicks. Florida SEO services can help you create better content and helps you feature in Google SERPs, because ranking 0 is not always bad.

  1. Voice Search

Just like the visual search, the voice search is going to a huge part of SEO 2020. In fact, voice search was a huge hit in 2019 and you can expect it to grow even more. One of the reasons why voice and visual search is gaining popularity is that it saves a lot of time. Instead of typing people can just speak or take picture to search for relevant information.

The growing use of mobile devices have made voice search an important SEO tool for 2020. You will need to optimize your website for voice search especially for the mobile websites. Voice search is not just for phones. It is also used for various other devices like hoe voice assistance, such as Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, and Voice Pod.

Here is how you can implement voice search in your SEO:

  • Make sure you have relevant terms and keywords in your website that people generally use. Voice search is more conversational and targeted.
  • Search engines will need more than a few short keywords to provide relevant information. Now the search terms need to be more detailed.
  • Make your website content adapt to your new trend so that you can feature on all type of searches including the voice search results.

If you find this idea to be too intimidating, a competent Florida SEO services can help you re-create your digital marketing strategy to include voice search and help you stay current with the 2020 SEO trends.

  1. YouTube is the new TV

Videos have become an important part of SEO strategy big time and the popularity of YouTube is growing and it will not stop in 2020. In fact, the videos are everywhere – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and websites too. They have such a popular thing that no business can escape its power and influence. It has also become a huge part of the 2020 SEO trends.

SEO will play a huge role in optimizing the content to meet the search queries so that people can find relevant content easily. So, if you want to rank well and provide a great service to the customers, make sure you create a great video content that is entertaining, fun and informative too. Take the help of SEO agency in Florida to get started with SEO 2020.

The Bottom-Line

In 2020 SEO, the things that will make a huge impact or be more effective are –quality content, domain authority, visual search, videos, voice search, and mobile SEO. These are some of the popular trends that are expected to influence the search engine pages results.

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