Guide to SEO Services Florida: Expectation vs. Reality

What is the very first thing that you do as open the browser? Well, as most of us do, you might go straight to your favorite search engine (Google, a popular choice). Next, you type in some words & wait for some results that can answer your query.

Well, this is how SEO works. The words you just typed in the search bar are keywords that are used by Google algorithms to figure out the needs of the customers or viewers. About 93 percent of all the online experiences tend to start with the search engine, and most of this traffic comes from Google. Not just that, according to HubSpot, 75 percent of the internet users never scroll beyond the very first page in the search results.

So, if you are a business owner or someone who plans to create a recognition over the internet platform, SEO is critical. However, the world of digital marketing is so vast that you might not be able to get things done all on your own. In such instances, seeking help from a reputed Florida SEO company should be your go-to move!

Before we get more into the expectations and reality of SEO, let us learn more about this methodology.

What is SEO? How does it help your business?

Imagine you need blue acrylic paint for your painting needs. What are you going to do next? You surely won’t enter this phrase:

“I Need a Blue Acrylic Paint for My Painting Needs”

Instead, you will surely type smaller phrases such as:

“Blue Acrylic Paint”

“Acrylic Paint Blue”

And similar variants of the same. This is how the SEO methodology works. Say, you are a seller that houses the very same blue acrylic paint. Now, you need to optimize your website content with the popular phrases used by customers. Like, you could embed your website’s about us section, product descriptions, or services with these phrases or technically known as “Keywords.”

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you can also have a blog section over your website for the keyword optimization needs. But, selecting the perfect keyword can be quite a chore. To make sure things are perfect in terms of keyword selection for your website, you can seek help for SEO services, Florida.

Now, SEO isn’t just keywords; it is comprised of several other factors as well. In order to optimize your website for perfect ranking, you need to keep in mind things such as:

  • On-Page SEO (Content, Keywords, Meta-Title, Meta-Description)
  • Off-Page SEO (Backlinks, Social Media Optimization, Online Directories)

Now, if you are wondering how all these aspects could help benefit your promotional or business needs, here is how!

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Generate Leads
  • Better Closing Rates
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Streamlined Cost Management
  • Encourages Physical Visit Post Internet Search
  • Establishes Brand Credibility
  • Creates Brand Awareness
  • Mobile-Friendliness for the Website
  • Long-Term Strategy for Marketing
  • Gain Better Market Shares
  • Helps Create a Synergy of Marketing Activities Over the Internet
  • Increase your Followers Over Social Media
  • Improved Website Speed
  • Helps Surpass Competitors

You can get all this and more, but for that, you surely need an experienced eye. With help from Florida SEO services, you can get all the benefits that come from proper SEO implementation tactics.

Now, let us get to the part where we decode the unrealistic expectations associated with SEO ranking and implementation.

Expectation vs. Reality: SEO

1-Expectation: SEO Involves Placing Keywords All Through the Content:


The truth is far from what you might think. If you are in touch with a reputed SEO agency, Florida, they will surely clear out these clouds of doubt. As explained earlier, SEO is much more than a simple placement of keywords. SEO involves a range of different activities that are segregated into On-Page & Off-Page SEO.

Now, if you are looking through the technical viewpoint, SEO practices are of three different types:

  • White Hat SEO:

These are the SEO practices that are done by following Webmaster Guidelines.

  • Black Hat SEO:

Now, the black hat SEO practices involve exploitation of the loopholes present in the algorithms being followed by the search engine.

  • Grey Hat SEO:

These practices are a perfect mix of Black and White Hat SEO.

Placing popular keywords all throughout your website without any reason is considered unethical & makes up for Black Hat SEO. This could cause an eventual down-ranking of your business website, penalties, or even complete ban. Black Hat SEO might get you instant rankings, but sooner or later, the Google Algorithm Police will surely catch up and penalize you accordingly.

So, to sum it up, make sure you ask your SEO agency, Florida, for a wholesome SEO strategy implementation instead of plain, old keyword stuffing trick.

2-Expectation: SEO can help generate huge traffic in a fortnight


Any good SEO strategy will always take time. Remember, no good thing comes without effort and time invested. Ultimately, the SEO methodology is all about making sure the customer gets what he/she wants. So, pleasing your customers can be a time-taking process, and the ones that wait will reap the results. SEO strategies tend to take a good amount of time. Things can start working for you in a matter of weeks or months, depending on how well your strategy is. Even if your Florida SEO company religiously follows the guidelines for SEO ranking, you need time to build trust and authority.

Do not expect too much too soon. Everything will be gradual as an SEO strategy is not your lottery ticket for instant fame or success. Although the process will surely take time, you can fasten it up just a bit by hiring people that know what they do. Hiring a reputed name for Florida SEO services will help you speed up the process, but do not be greedy about it.

3-Expectation: On-Page SEO is Sufficient for Traffic Generation


Imagine you are building your dream house. You have laid down the foundation and built the entire house but ignored the doors and windows. Is your house complete now? The answer is No. The absence of doors and windows could be a major safety and privacy hazard. The same applies to SEO as well. Any professional SEO agency, Florida, will tell you how important both On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategies are.

In order to build trust and authority, you surely need a vote of credence from other trustworthy and authoritative websites. In such cases, back-linking could be your go-to move. With On-Page SEO, you cannot achieve this credence and trust. Also, promotional strategies over social media help you get noticed by the target audience, fellow bloggers, social media traffic, influencers, and established brands.

4-Expectations: Guest Posts aren’t Necessary for Ranking


Guest posts are like an invitation from popular bloggers to showcase the potential your brand holds. With guest posting, you help your brand create a sense of trust and recognition. In a guest posting, you write content/blogs for websites that belong to other well-established companies or ones with a dedicated amount of daily traffic. With guest posting, you get a plethora of benefits which include:

  • Attract high conversion traffic from the guest website to yours
  • Boost the domain authority with the use of external links
  • Enhance your brand’s credibility & awareness
  • Create relationships with the peers from the industry

In most of the cases, guest blogging serves as a mutually beneficial move for the guest as well as the hosting website. In simple words, guest posting works as a win-win situation for both the parties. If you are someone who is just starting out as a blogger or a brand in need of recognition, seeking out websites with high DA for guest posting will surely help. Guest posting will help define the initial steps of the success ladder you are about to climb.

5-Expectation: SEO Once Done Properly Will Generate Traffic Automatically


This is a mistake most of the bloggers or brand owners tend to do a lot. They hire SEO services, Florida, for a limited amount of time and expect the ranking to continue for years to come. Let us tell you, SEO isn’t a seed that you plant and forget about it but hope to get results anyway. In simple terms, SEO is a practice that involves the use of trending techniques. Remember, the market and your customers tend to change with time. If today something is trending in the market, it might not be the same story tomorrow.

Just like you need to nourish and take care of a plant after planting the seed, the same thing goes for SEO as well. You have to constantly monitor different aspects of SEO, starting from use & placements of keywords to define the design and user-friendliness of the website.

The algorithms listed by different search engines tend to change in a constant pattern. They evolve in a continuing fashion and become smarter with time. Failing to update your website promotional tactics with these trends will lead to an abrupt drop in your rankings. This is why you have to be updated with all that is going on in the genre of your interest. You need to strategize accordingly. Even if the algorithms remain the same for a long time, you need to work in conjunction with an SEO agency, Florida, to make sure the rankings do not drop.

Every other day there is a new business or blogger in the market that hopes to get some attention from his/her SEO practices. So, in order to avoid falling short due to these newcomers, you need to work hard. Even if you are the newcomer, you need to study your competition and devise strategies accordingly. With SEO, the race is on a never-ending track with gift baskets at every corner.

6-Expectation: SEO Requires a Lot of Money


Actually, SEO practices do not have to be costly at all. Depending on the Florida SEO services you hire, you can always get access to pocket-friendly yet high-quality services that take your business from bottom to the top position. When done in the right way, SEO practices won’t cost you a lot. Yes, you definitely need to pay the talent you hire like bloggers, SEO analysts, coders, designers, animators, etc. But, organic traffic generation doesn’t cost a penny. You only need to pay for the inorganic promotional tactics.

While you might want to have an in-house team to handle all the SEO needs for your business, the same can turn SEO into a costly affair. Instead, you can outsource your requirements to a reputed Florida SEO company. You do not need to pay each talent-head in the team in an individual manner. You just need to pay for the wholesome package depending on how long you hire the services of an SEO agency, Florida.

Doing so will ensure that you do not have to shell out a lot from your pocket. Plus, outsourcing service providers for SEO services ensure that your project is being handled by individuals with ample experience in the industry. So, you can always trust Florida SEO services for quality work.

7-Expectation: SEO is simple, Anyone Can Master It!


While in the description, SEO might seem simple but even ones with years of experience can struggle to craft the best promotional strategies for a business. This is due to the fact that SEO tactics are like the choices we make. They constantly evolve with time and need of the customer in purview. In short, SEO requires regular analysis and implementation of top-notch strategies.

The best strategies can only be crafted after a plethora of trails and experiments. Things won’t change overnight. Being even moderately good at SEO can take years and that too until the Google or Search Engine Algorithm doesn’t change. Given its continually evolving techniques, you can always learn something new.

So, to sum it up, SEO needs patience, time, and effort to show results.

8-Expectations: High Website Traffic Equals Good ROI


Imagine you are at a carnival that looked very beautiful and colorful from outside. Once you enter the premises, you see that they do not actually have what you want, or the quality is not at part with your needs. Would you make a purchase? There is a good chance that you would retreat and refrain from making a purchase. Now, imagine the same concept with SEO.

Ask any Florida SEO company, and they will tell you how high traffic doesn’t equate good ROI. Almost 34 percent of business owners are strum around the belief that high traffic on their website would automatically translate to more sales.

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This is far from the truth. Yes, SEO practices will bring the required number of potential customers to your website. However, what’s inside also matters a lot. Unless the website content or your product doesn’t satisfy the needs of the customers, it won’t lead to conversion and hence “No Sale.”

The key is to:

  • Focus on blogs and articles that are crafted in a way that motivates the customers to go for the call to action
  • Create websites that are user-friendly, attractive, and easy-to-navigate through
  • Work on the products, list out how they can help resolve the pain points of a customer

The content & technical aspects involved in the creation of your brand website matters a lot when it comes to conversion. There is no point in achieving high traffic if it isn’t converting to sales. In order to ensure that your website and product appeal to the visitors leading to a higher conversion rate, you should definitely seek the help of an experienced SEO agency, Florida.


SEO is a learn-as-you-go methodology that surely helps your brand establish itself in the ever-changing internet platform. Today, if your brand doesn’t have an online presence, it simply doesn’t exist for your customers. Online presence adds in the sense of reliability and trust to your brand. So, make sure you always hire a reliable service provider for SEO services, Florida, to get the job done in the perfect manner.

Looking for a reliable team for SEO services, Florida, for your business ranking needs? At Digitalvate, we ensure that your brand climbs the success ladder with continued innovation and ideal strategies for SEO. We house some of the best talent-heads that understand the critical needs of your brand in the long run. To learn more about our SEO services, give us a quick call at (904) 638-4709 or write to us at

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